Creating Repository with Git and Dropbox

Install mysgit client


1. git init

2. git add *

3. git commit -m “added initial files”


Create another directory for repository

4. cd d:

5. mkdir repos.git

6. git init –bare

Adding remote repository to clone the original files to repository

7. cd d:/original_files

8. git remote add origin d:/repos.git

9. git push origin master

Then the original files now has been created duplicated to the d:/repos.git (repository)

Rename directory

d:/repos.git -> d:/repos

You can now clone the repository to any working directory you want to have

like d:/working-directory
10. clone the Dropbox repository using smart git (git UI for user friendly easiness)

11. then use the stage->commit->push

for any updated files

and for getting updates from the repository

12. use pull->fetch->see changes->merge->commit->push

Every changes on the working directory ->when push dropbox will be updated

That’s it..

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