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It’s been a while since I have stopped writing post on my blog, it’s around 4 years ago ..hmmm. So here I am again going back to what I am used to and since I have  some spare time I want it to share it here every once in a while. I will be sharing some learned ideas that I got over the few years that I have missed and some randome thoughts that I have in my mind. Here are some todo summary that I wanted to update and share here.

  • Liquibase – changelog DB migration
  • Electron – a browser wrapper creating packaging builds, etc.
  • Hystrix – a circuit breaker
  • AOP – aspect oriented programming
  • Rest Controller Filter
  • Spring Boot
  • Data metrics – using TICK technology stack
  • Apache Kafka – creating streams via producer and consumer
  • Big Data using Spark – spark hadoop parquet
  • ACME client – for google drive cli tools
  • Let’s Encrypt – Free SSL/TLS Certificates for any website
  • AmChart – very useful for analysis charting
  • Docker
  • SSH keygen and useful common terminal commands
  • NodeJS and ES6 commonly used features
  • React, React Native

From these list I will tackle what I have learned out and how it was useful especially for developers or business. And hopefully by end of this year I am able to finish this roadmap that I have. 🙂

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